Creativity Blocked? Here's what you can do about it!

To be human is to be creative. In fact, creativity is integral to our health and wellbeing. Sadly, many people don’t think of themselves as creative beings. They mistakenly believe creativity is reserved for artists, musicians, and performers.

We suffer when our creativity is stifled. Blocked creativity can be felt in our bodies. Sometimes we feel it in our belly as fear of sharing ourselves with others. Maybe we feel it in our throat as anxiety around expressing ourselves. However, much of the time we feel blocked creativity in the second chakra region of the hips, pelvis, and lower back. Often tight hips or an achy low back are present in individuals who, for whatever reason, are unable to share their creative gifts with the world.

Fortunately, we can do practices that help us reconnect to our creativity. For example, yoga postures that specifically focus on the hips such as Star Pose and Bond Angle Pose are particularly helpful in this regard. Incorporating hip-opening postures is one way to nourish the second chakra.

Sometimes creativity is blocked when we feel uninspired or need a boost of confidence. In a pinch, essential oils work wonders! Three favorite essential oils that spark our creativity are Wild Orange, Peppermint, and Clary Sage.

· Wild Orange is an uplifting essential oil. If we’re feeling down-in-the-dumps, this mood-boosting essential oils gives us the spark we need to face our daily tasks with joy and optimism.

· Peppermint is and energizing and stimulating oil. If lethargy is blocking our creative flow, this cooling oil is a fantastic go-to.

· Clary sage works a bit differently with our bodies to help us access our creativity. If stress, pressure, or tension is blocking our creativity, clary sage calms and soothes us so we can let go of fears of being judged so we can relax and enjoy the creative process.

We are co-creators with the Universe. Creativity is not only something we do; it is what we are. To be creative is not a luxury reserved for an elite few. Indeed, it is our birthright.

The good news is that there is an infinite number of ways to express our creativity! When we prepare a meal, spend time in our garden, or lovingly care for our non-human companions we are using our creative power. To be creative is to allow the Divine to express itself through us.