How to navigate transformation with the strength of a butterfly!


Metamorphosis is the process a caterpillar undergoes to transform into a butterfly. It includes four general phases of the butterfly’s life-cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The larva (or caterpillar) is very small when it hatches from its egg. No time to waste! It eats, and eats, and eats.

As the larva nourishes itself with nutrients from its own shell and juicy leaves, it grows. Growth is not comfortable for the larva. Its skin becomes tight, splits, and molts. The caterpillar continues its job of eating and growing, even as it endures the uncomfortably of the present moment. It doesn’t know what exactly, but something deep within propels it forward during this difficult process of transformation.

As one might imagine, our caterpillar friend is working very hard towards a mysterious future of which it cannot quite conceive. After a while, it becomes quite tired. It has spent a lot of time doing, doing, doing. The caterpillar feels called to do the deep work within.

Thus, our caterpillar creates a chrysalis. This chrysalis is not to escape from the world. No, indeed, it is a shelter in which the caterpillar, now in its pupa stage, abides as it does the inner-work in darkness.

After all of this work, one may think the caterpillar should be able to take it easy! But no… The caterpillar takes the pieces of what it once was and uses it to fuel to feed what it is called to become.

Eventually the caterpillar, now a butterfly with tender new wings, begins to emerge from its chrysalis. This is no less a challenge than any other part of the caterpillar’s transformation! Well-meaning humans may even have pity on the creature and try to “help” it along by breaking the chrysalis open. However, the caterpillar needs to struggle so its wings build the strength to fly!

With faith, courage, and diligence, the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. It is no mistake that the process is so difficult. With grace and fortitude, the caterpillar transforms and becomes a reminder and a symbol for what is possible. When we accept the obstacles we are presented with and trust that there is some guiding force that we can lean into, that which we must overcome becomes nourishment for growing into all that we are capable of being.

In my work as a yoga teacher, I have had the honor of walking with my students through their own process of transformation. Yoga does not necessarily make our personal metamorphosis easier. Instead, it gives us a way to navigate our journey of being and becoming. We become like caterpillars. When we lean into our practice and trust the process, we too emerge both transformed and yet more truly ourselves than we ever knew was possible.

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