Yoga Teachers Don’t Stay in Their Comfort Zones! They do this instead….

The problem with staying at “the edge” …

At one point or another, most yoga teachers have probably encouraged their yoga teachers to “find their edge” in a yoga pose. The edge is a place where the student feels both challenged and successful. The edge is a good place for our yoga students to be! When students go to their edge in a yoga pose, they are exploring their bodies in an empowered way that may make them feel slightly uncomfortable, but where they know they are safe.

When it comes to asana practice, or any other physical discipline, our bodies adapt to the stresses we put them under. Our edges in yoga poses move because our bodies get stronger and more flexible as we continue to work them.

Our minds have edges, too. Our mental edges are often referred to as our “comfort zone”. Like our bodies, our minds adapt to the challenges they face. However, to cultivate mental, emotional, or spiritual strength requires conscious effort on our part.

That means in order to get stronger, we must go past our edge!

Move the edge…mindfully!

I am naturally an introverted person. Some of my favorite parts of the behind-the-scenes work as a yoga teacher are blogging, class planning, and organizing the day-to-day operations involved in running a small business. I resisted doing live videos for social media for a long time. That was my edge. However, as a yoga teacher mentor it was important to me to connect more deeply with my mentees. Live videos were the best way to do that.

If I were to stay within the comfort of my edge, I would have never done live social media videos, which have been invaluable to my students and my yoga teaching business. In order for me to get stronger, personally and professionally, I had to go past my edge. This takes courage, commitment, and intention!

The business of teaching yoga is more than a career. It is a spiritual practice. Teaching yoga requires us to consistently show up for our students, show up for ourselves as our own CEO of a small business, and continuously challenge ourselves to stretch past our edge, learn, adapt, and grow.

Discover your edge(s) with THIS practice:

In order to move past our edge, we must first know where it is. Ask yourself these questions:

· Write a to-do list for your yoga teaching business. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN!

· Read over your list. With every item on your list, notice what you feel in your body. Notice which items bring a sense of lightness and excitement. Notice which bring a sense of resitence. Make a brief note of what you feel.

· The items on your list that cause the most feelings of resistance are growth opportunities! Do some journaling around each of these items.

· Write down the step-by-step process for completing the items you are resistance.


If you are unsure of what your next steps forward in your yoga teaching career should be, or if you are having difficulty overcoming the resistance you have to doing them, let’s have a conversation. Schedule your Yoga Teacher Career Breakthrough Session and I’ll help you get on the right track to a joyful, fulfilling yoga teaching career.


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