Integrate Yoga. Discover wellbeing in joyful living.

  • Are your days disrupted by physical ailments such as tension, tightness, and all-over achiness?

  • Are your night filled with unrefreshing sleep and troublesome dreams?

  • Do you find yourself experiencing brain-fog, chronic fatigue, and an inability to engage life as fully as you'd like?

  • Has working with a medical or psychological professional been helpful for you, but you still feel somehow "stuck"?

You are not alone.

A calm, peaceful mind is not a luxury. It is your birthright. Every day brings its own gifts and challenges…. Yoga gives us a way to navigate the fluctuations of illness and health, sadness and happiness, lethargy and vitality.

The health of our minds, bodies, and spirits cannot be separated. We suffer when chronic and persistent negative feelings and thinking patterns lodge themselves into our bodies. In addition to taking good care of our physical and mental health, it is imperative that we integrate our spiritual well-being in our healing journey.

Your doctor provides exemplary care for your physical body. Your therapist works with you to address psychological trauma and mental health conditions.  I help yoga students who struggle with feeling depleted, ongoing tension, and chronic wellness-related concerns improve their quality of life by creating meaningful self-care practices and dialoging with their body by learning and speaking its own unique language.

I’d love for us to get to know one another! Please join me for a complimentary consultation and discuss how I can help you take the next steps towards wellbeing in joyful living.

What people are saying about Shellie...

I have been working with Shellie for a few years now... Never before has someone been so kind, wamr, honrable, and taught me what life is like on the other side of a debilitating chronic illness.

Holly K.