Yoga, Astrology, and You...
Inspired by astrology. Grounded in practice.

What can astrology do for you?

  • Knowledge of astrology helps us live optimally in areas such as our health, career, relationships, and more!

  • It gives us greater insight into who we are and navigate the question of why we are here.

  • Astrology allows us to see patterns, make meaning, and cultivate a deeper understanding of the world around us and our place in it. 

Possibilities for exploration.... 

 Astrology gives us insight into our personal lives and collective experience. It is based on thousands of years of observation and exploration. Astrology teaches us to live well the times we find ourselves in. Interested in learning how astrology can help you live optimally? Here are a few ideas for getting started:

  • Basic Natal Readings: Your natal chart, also called your birth chart, is like a picture of the positions of the planet on the day you were born. Like a "soul contract", your natal chart offers insight into your personality, deepest emotions, unique gifts and talents, and challenges you may face and potential for growth.  

  • Transitory Readings: The natal reading gives you your personal astrological ABCs. Transitory readings show how the current energies at play in the cosmos interact with your personal life. 

  • Medical Astrology Readings: Medical astrology gives us specific guidelines in how we manage our health through things like nutrition, essential oils, and other self-care practices. It also helps us choose the best timing for medical procedures. This offering is COMING SOON! Contact to be added to my waiting list.

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What people are saying about Shellie...

I have been working with Shellie for a few years now... Never before has someone been so kind, wamr, honrable, and taught me what life is like on the other side of a debilitating chronic illness.

Holly K.