Style Coaching Agreement and Informed Consent

My dear client,

Welcome! Thank you for choosing to work with me, and most of all, thank you for choosing to invest your time and resources into taking care of YOU!

As we begin our work together, my goal through this document is to bring greater clarity to our work together. So, let’s get started!

My approach to astrology.

Astrology invites us to explore a deeper, personal relationship with ourselves and the cosmos. Although it has practical application, such as the development of one’s personal style of dress, it is in essence a spiritual practice. Like any spiritual practice, our understanding of and relationship to astrology shifts and changes over the course of our life. Indeed, astrology is a life-long journey.

What is style coaching/image consulting?

Coaching is first and foremost a partnership. I am here to help you discover and develop your own personal style as informed by your astrological birth chart. Through our time together, you will be empowered to take the information, education, and exercises I provide and integrate them into your life as you see fit.

Our Agreements:

Style Coach: I, Shellie Crow, agree to:

  1. Provide style coaching services to the best of my ability.

  2. Educate my client about astrology, style, and image within the framework of a coaching relationship to the best of my knowledge and ability.

  3. Listen to my client and offer questions, observations, and feedback, if necessary.

  4. Assist my client in becoming more aware of their style choices and focusing our time together on the session’s goals and/or intentions.

Client: I, the client, agree to:

  1. Be responsible for my own decisions regarding how I choose to use the information provided through astrology and style coaching.

  2. Create and implement exercises, strategies, techniques, etc. as I see fit in order to maximize the benefits of astrology and style coaching. I understand my astrologer and style coach is not responsible for changing my mindset, behaviors, life, etc. How I live my life is up to me!

  3. Am open to feedback, communicating honestly with my astrologer style coach, and recognize it is my right and responsibility to ask questions and ask for clarification as needed.


Realize that astrology and style coaching are ongoing, comprehensive, multi-faceted processes and that no specific outcome is guaranteed.


Payment is due prior to receiving services. Client agrees to pay fees and/or adhere to payment schedule, if applicable.


No refunds will be granted for services once received.


Regarding YOUR STELLAR SIGNATURE STYLE astrology and style coaching programs, in order to better support my clients and assist them in fully committing to their program, no refunds will be granted after client begins receiving services.


Client may schedule with me through email or through, if applicable.


Client may reschedule or cancel an appointment for full refund if giving 48 business hours’ notice. After 48 business hours, a 25% cost of service fee will apply. For the purpose of canceling and rescheduling, business hours are considered Monday through Thursday 9am-5pm.


With regards to YOUR STELLAR SIGNATURE STYLE and other coaching packages: In order for client to maximize the benefit of YOUR STELLAR SIGNATURE STYLE it is important for the modules to be delivered in a timely fashion. For the purpose of rescheduling, business hours are considered Monday through Thursday 9am-5pm. Client may reschedule up to two Zoom or Skype video sessions with 48 business hours’ notice. After the second rescheduled session, any missed module’s material will be delivered via email, but no video session will be provided.


Client may reschedule Zoom or Skype calls with 48 business hours’ notice. Missed Zoom or Skype calls will not be rescheduled. A check-in email will be sent instead.  

Services are provided virtually via email, Zoom or Skype video, and Zoom or Skype call. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure their own reliable internet access and access to Zoom and/or Skype.
Limited Liability

Shellie Crow works within the capacities of an image consultant, style coach, and astrologer. Client agrees their decisions are of their own making and releases Shellie from liability. Client acknowledges that while these services may be helpful in improving one’s relationship with themselves, cultivate greater self-knowledge and understanding, and identifying, pursuing, and achieving style-goals, they are for educational and informational purposes only. These services do not substitute for legal, financial, medical, or mental health services. Please seek the assistance of professionals in those areas should you need them.

When you pay for services, you agree to these terms and conditions

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