Easy Medical Astrology for Balanced and Energetically-Attuned Bodies.

Svadhyaya, which means “self-study” in Sanskrit, is one of yoga’s niyamas (personal observances). We study the self through meditation, reading sacred texts, interacting with wise teachers, and becoming self-aware. Astrology is my favorite svadhyaya practice. It gives us a way of more deeply understanding the inner-workings of our minds and our place in the universe.

It is a misunderstanding that astrology predicts the future. Astrology no more predicts the future than meteorology does! Like meteorology, astrology gives us a way of reading the sky as to the likelihood that particular event may occur. As we learn to understand the language of the stars, we are able to make wiser decisions and live aligned with natures cycles.

People consult astrology for a number of reasons: relationships, financial advice, and even when to plan a special occasion. Medical astrology is a specific type of astrology that is based on the association between the human body and the planets and signs.

When working with astrology for health and wellness, consider:

1. What is the problem and what part of the body is affected?

2. What sign rules that particular part of the body?

3. What planets are in that sign at the onset of the symptoms?

Based on the information gleaned from our birth chart and answers to the above questions, medical astrologers can recommend particular herbs, wellness practices, and other health-related observances that may be beneficial to their client.

An easy technique for incorporating medical astrology into our daily self-care routine is determining which essential oils to use for the day based on the sign the moon is in. The moon gives us the general flavor of the day. Essential oils help us balance and attune our energy with the moon so that we can think clearly, communicate effectively, enhance our creativity, and more! Here are some general guidelines for optimizing your lunar essential oil practice:

If the moon is in a fire sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius):

Fire signs are known for flash and pizazz! They represent our drive, courage, and passion! Peppermint essential oil is both energizing and cooling. It helps balance and make right use of fiery energy!

If the moon is in an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn):

Earth signs are grounded, stable, and steady. They are the practical, worldly part of us that creates and sustains resources such as finances and relationships. Sometimes, earth signs get a bit too comfortable where they are at and do well with a gentle nudge forward. Lemon essential oil really does the trick! It is motivating and gives a positive mood boost any time of the day, without overwhelming the no-nonsense earth signs.

If the moon is in an air sign (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius):

Air signs represent our intellect, intelligence, and rational thinking. There is such a thing as too much thinking, however. Air signs are also the part of us that is prone to worry and anxiety! Lavender essential oil soothes tension, calms busy minds, and can even help us sleep! This is all very helpful when our thoughts are overwhelming.

And if the moon is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces):

Last but not least come the water signs. Water signs are our intuition, sensitivity, and powers of perception. When the moon is in the water signs, we may notice feeling more emotional than usual. Sometimes, we may even feel down or lost in a flood of feelings. Wild Orange essential oil energizes and uplifts our mood so we can more readily enjoy the deeply-feeling gift of the water signs.

If you are just beginning to incorporate essential oils into your lunar wellness routine, I would recommend doTERRA’s Beginner’s Trio Kit, which includes Peppermint, Lemon, and Lavender essential oils. Add on Wild Orange and you are good to go!

To hone in on your own wellness-related concerns, I would love to meet with you for a free online consultation. Simply email or schedule on my contact page. From there we can imagine what is not only possible for you, but probable as you empower yourself by becoming an active participant on your journey towards optimal wellness.


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