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Persephone and Scorpio Season.

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Scorpio Season.

Scorpio is known for being dark, deep and moody. Where do these assumptions come from? When it comes to understanding the nature of a sign, we can glean much information from its modality, element, and planetary ruler. Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Mars. Fixed signs experience some form of steadiness or consistency in their expression. Water signs have an emotional nature. The planet Mars divides, separates, or individuates. One way we can interpret this information might be to say that Scorpio has to do with unwavering emotions that lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Is it any wonder then that here in the norther hemisphere Scorpio season takes place during the autumn? The leaves may be colorful and the sky a deep blue, but decay lies just below the surface. The life brought about by the warmer seasons slowly dies and goes dormant, preparing to rest until the Sun returns in Spring.

Goddess Guidance: Persephone.

Before she was crowned Queen of the Underworld, Persephone was simply known as Demeter’s beautiful daughter. She caught the eye of her Uncle Hades, who kidnapped her and took her to the Underworld with the intention of marrying her.

Demeter was devastated at the loss of her beloved daughter. She searched high and low for Persephone. At long last she conversed with Hekate, the crone goddess of crossroads, who relayed of Hades scheme.

So outraged was Demeter that she refused to allow for the growth of crops. People were starving. The gods pleaded with her to bring in the harvest, but she refused. She would not bring agricultural relief to the land until her daughter came home safely.

Finally, Zeus relented and declared that Persephone be returned to her mother. However, Hades had one last card to play. He offered Persephone pomegranate seeds to eat, knowing that if she ate anything in the Underworld she must remain there forever.

Zeus was at a loss. Demeter would not allow crops to grow until Persephone came home, but he could not force Hades to give her back because she had eaten pomegranate seeds in the Underworld. He suggested a compromise: For two-thirds of the year, Persephone would live with her mother and Demeter would allow crops to grow and be harvested. For the remaining third of the year, Persephone would descend to the Underworld with Hades as her consort.

Persephone’s story is more than just a tragedy of a kidnapped child’s loss of innocence. Indeed, Hades aggressive exploitation, as well as Zeus’ passive manipulation of the young girl changed her life. However, it did not destroy her, nor did it diminish her potential to live fully into her destiny.

Trauma disrupts our lives in ways that we may never fully even realize, much less understand. The nature of trauma is that it doesn’t give us a choice. When confronted with hardships we never would have chosen for ourselves, our healing begins with deciding we will no longer identify the truth of who we are by what was done to us. Persephone did not have a choice to leave her mother and her home. However, she did have a choice of how her story would be told. No longer Hades victim, the young girl, daughter of the Goddess, became Queen of the Underworld, ushering souls from one life to another.

Scorpio Season Questions for Reflection….

· From whom or what do we seek approval?

· What parts of ourselves do we hide in order to feel loved and worthy?

· How might we integrate these abandoned parts of who we are in a healthy way?

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