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The Capricorn Moon.

In astrology, the Moon represents our feelings, daily habits, how we care for ourselves, and how we care for others. It takes about a month for the Moon to move through each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. It spends about two and a half days in each sign.

Here are some tips for when the Moon is in Capricorn!

Capricorn at a glance....

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign with negative polarity. Its planetary ruler is Saturn.

Keywords for Capricorn....




Things to do when the Moon is in Capricorn....

Get down to business! The planetary ruler Saturn gives Capricorn a keen ability to stay on task.

Consider the pros and cons of decisions you need to make regarding the physical world, such as finances and other resources that give your life structure. An earth sign, Capricorn’s practicality will help you look at the nuts and bolts of whatever decisions you are making.

Despite its all-work-and-no-play reputation, Capricorn is very much a family-focused sign. Consider your family -birth, chosen, or however you define family. What traditions do you have that you would like to pass on to the next generation? If you can’t think of any, this is a great time to create some new ones!

What to wear when the Moon is in Capricorn....

Capricorn's style is both chic and practical. Although they may love a bargain, Capricorn knows that a good deal doesn't mean a garment has value. When shopping, Capricorn takes into consideration the entire live of a garment. We, too, can take our cues from sensible Capricorn when shopping by considering the following questions...

How often will I wear this garment?

How long will this garment last?

Does this garment suit my personal sense of style?

If the answer is yes, this garment is probably a wise investment!

Self-care for Capricorn Moon days....

Capricorn is associated with the skin, bones, and knees.

With an uplifting scent, cypress essential oil has a vitalizing sensation and can improve the appearance of oily skin.

Inspiring Capricorn Moon Signs!

Ryan Gosling

Gabby Douglass

Regina King

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Betty White

A Capricorn Moon said it...

“You know people who are already saying, ‘I’m going to be 30 -oh, what am I going to do?’ Well, use that decade! Use them all!”

-Betty White

This post is for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to give medical advice.

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