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Artemis and Virgo Season.

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

The Universe seeks balance. Sometimes it cultivates equilibrium through chaos. Other times the Universe’s idea of balance is in conflict with our own! Universal balance is reflected in the astrological zodiac. When we look at the 12 signs, we notice that the qualities of each sign in some way hearken to the sign that preceded it and gives us a hint as to the work we will do in the sign that follows.

This month the Sun ingresses from Leo to Virgo. In Leo our work is to cultivate a healthy sense of ego and a high creative expression of self. In Virgo, we take the vibrant self we hopefully have spent the past month strengthening and put it to good use through acts of service.

Virgo Season.

The planet Mercury rules two signs in traditional astrology: Gemini and Virgo. Gemini is an active, mutable air sign. When the Sun is in Virgo, we are more outwardly expressive with regards to communicating our thoughts and ideas. Mercury behaves differently in Virgo. Virgo is a receptive, mutable earth sign. In Virgo, we are more grounded, practical, and concerned with the application of our thoughts and ideas in the physical world. Idea-oriented Gemini has a variety of interests and finds difficulty keeping its attention on one thing. Virgo observes, analyzes, and improves upon that which draws its interest, sometimes to the point of obsession.

Goddess Guidance: Artemis.

Artemis is the Greek goddess associated with the Moon, the hunt, and nature. She is also the goddess of midwifery and childbirth. It is said she helped her mother deliver her twin brother Apollo when she was just nine days old! Both Apollo and Artemis are patrons of the medical and healing arts.

Artemis was fiercely protective of the priestesses who honored her. When their bodily autonomy was threatened, the goddess rose to the women’s defense. Artemis provides us with an example of the power of women when they are concerned with each other’s welfare.

The astrological sign Virgo is symbolized by the Virgin. Likewise, Artemis is known as a Virgin goddess. How the ancients defined “virgin” in this context is very different from our modern understanding which is based on whether one has engaged in sexual intercourse or not. The word “virgin” means, “unto one’s self”.

What does it mean to be a person “unto one’s self”? Self-determination and sovereignty over one’s own body are basic human rights. They provide us a point from which we can grow into the fulness of who we are and all of which we are capable.

Virgo Season Questions for Reflection…

  • · What makes you feel like you are a “person unto themselves”?

  • · We cannot always choose our circumstances, but we can choose how we live them. What does the right to choose how you live your destiny mean to you?

  • · What does it mean for us to accept other people’s right to choose how they live their own destiny, even if we do not agree with their decision?

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