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Eos and Leo Season.

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Leo Season.

Fixed fire sign Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun in astrology is our essence, our verve, that which energizes and enlivens us. A happy Sun shines brightly in Leo where it can most readily express itself and share its gifts. However, when we are taught it is dangerous to be seen, to draw attention to ourselves, or even to be who we truly are, our Sun is diminished. While the Sun is in Leo this season, let’s incorporate practices to nourish our solar-selves and cultivate a sense of safety and gratitude around being the unique individuals we were born to be!

Goddess Guidance: Eos.

Eos is the Greek goddess of the dawn. According to Greek mythology, every morning she drove her horse-drawn chariot across the sky marking the beginning of the new day. Also called Eos, the Rose-Fingered after dawn’s vibrant colors, she inspired artists and poets alike. Ovid wrote in Metamorphoses that her tears formed the dew. Hesiod called her the Mother of the Stars. When Eos shared of herself, she literally brought light to the world.

However, even this great goddess sometimes hid her inner flame under a bushel. Eos was told she shone too brightly. Denying her true self, she experienced a series of unhealthy and ultimately unfulfilling relationships. When Eos learned to embrace who she was as Dawn Bringer and Herald of the Sun, she realized it was not only her duty to shine brightly for all to see, but also her birthright!

We can look to the goddess Eos for an example of how to step into our power, authentically live our truth, and share of ourselves in such a way that everyone around us feels uplifted in our presence.

Leo Season Questions for Reflection…

· WHAT do we love to creatively share with the world? Hint: we don’t have to be “artists” to be creative!

· HOW do we best love to share our gifts? It may be through speaking, singing, writing, visual arts, spread sheets, caring for hearth and home, or some other means entirely!

· WHO do we most love to share our gifts? There are people in the world who need to see the brightness of our light and the warmth of our fire. Who would be most well-served by what you have to offer? Perhaps children, mentees, folks in our neighborhood, or even those undergoing a hardship from which we have been through ourselves are just a few examples!

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