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Iris and Gemini Season.

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Gemini, sign of the twins, is a mutable air-sign. Its planetary ruler is Mercury. In Greco-Roman mythology, Mercury, or Hermes as he was called by the Greeks, was the messenger of the gods. Mercury is associated with many things, as we feel quite keenly when the planet is in its retrograde season! Technology, communication, rational thinking…. What all of these Mercurial things have in common is the connections they create. Creating meaningful connection is what Mercury does at its best!

Gemini Season.

Gemini is concerned with our mind: the learning style that suits us best, they way we give and receive information, and how we communicate overall. Caring for our inner Gemini means knowing and nourishing our intellectual selves. This means stimulating our minds in a variety of challenging ways to keep our brains healthy and thinking fresh!

That we never stop learning is an idea repeated so often that it has become cliché. However, simply repeating a phrase does not make it true. Indeed, life is a teacher offering us ample opportunities to learn, but how often do we take life up on actually learning the lesson? Or do we find ourselves repeating the same or similar “learning opportunities” over and over again?

We have a choice as to whether or not we learn the lessons life has to teach us. What do we do when we have the opportunity to learn something new? There may be times we embrace the information with curiosity and excitement! There will also be times when what we learn challenges us. The new information may mean we change our minds, and when we change our minds, changing our actions and even how we live our lives is usually not far behind.

Gemini season is a wonderful time to intentionally learn something new. Let’s give our inner Gemini something meaningful to do! This need not be complicated. We can keep our thinking fresh by exposing ourselves to new information in simple ways like reading a new book, taking a class in-person or online, or meet an acquaintance with different beliefs for a friendly cup of coffee! Remember, the most rewarding Gemini-activities are those that create greater connection.

Goddess Guidance: Iris.

Before Mercury/Hermes became the best-known Greco-Roman messenger of the gods, there was Iris. Not much is known about Iris. Beyond communicating between humans and the divine, she was Hera’s personal messenger, and quite devoted to her lady at that! Iris was personified by the rainbow, a symbol which quite literally connects earth and heaven in a truly lovely way.

Iris reminds us that it isn’t just what we think and communicate that is important. It is also how we shape our thoughts and convey our message, particularly when it may be difficult information for the other party to receive. Iris teaches us how to convey information, which at times can be cold, dry, and even difficult, with a touch of beauty, creativity, and compassion.

Gemini Season Questions for Reflection….

· What form of communication are we most comfortable with? What form challenges us?

· How can the way we communicate with others serve as a bridge between humans and the divine?

· Practice idea: To help quiet the chatter of our Mercurial mind, sit quietly. Set a timer for about five minutes or so. Close your eyes, or allow your vision to soften and your eyes to relax. Focus on your breath. You may notice your mind begins to wander. That is okay, but when you become aware that is happening, mentally say to yourself “thinking” and return your attention to your breath. Do this as many times as you need to until the timer indicates the end of this practice. Return your awareness to your body, your surroundings, and gently move about back into your day.

· Do this practice daily, preferably at the same time every day. The point is not to “get rid of” our thoughts, but rather to become aware of when and what we are thinking.

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