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The Gemini Moon

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

In astrology, the Moon represents our feelings, daily habits, how we care for ourselves, and how we care for others. It takes about a month for the Moon to move through each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. It spends about two and a half days in each sign.

Here are some tips for when the Moon is in Gemini....

Gemini at a glance...

Gemini is a Mercury-ruled mutable air sign.

Keywords for Gemini...





What to do when the Moon is in Gemini...

Learn something new!

Visit with siblings or catch up with friends and neighbors.

Check-out the non-fiction section at your local library.... What topics catch your eye?

What to wear when the Moon is in Gemini...

Colors: Yellow

Gemini enjoys patterns... Stripes, paisleys, Polk-a-dots? You can even experiment with mixing patterns! (Shhh.... we won't tell the fashion police!)

Changeable Gemini likes to dress in layers, so be sure to bring a sweater.

Itchy fabrics distract Gemini. Today, take a cue from this air sign and keep your fabrics light and comfortable.

Self-care for Gemini Moon days...

Gemini is associated with the hands, arms, shoulders, and respiratory system.

It is also associated with technology!

Gemini can keep its relationship with technology healthy by taking tech breaks when feeling overstimulated and doing exercises to strengthen wrists and fingers that do so much texting and typing.

Vetiver is a calming, soothing essential oil that eases feelings of overwhelm under a Gemini Moon. Try it before bedtime, but not before driving!

Inspiring Gemini Moon Signs!

Eva Herzigova

Jennifer Lawrence

Gwyneth Paltrow

Bette Davis

Edith Piaf

A Gemini Moon said it...

"Use your faults, use your defects; then you're going to be a star."

-Edith Piaf

This post is for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to give medical advice.


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